Medearis Family (Oliver (5) son of John Thomas Medearis (4)


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Received Medearis/Madaris Homepage via our son.  We have information

which traces my family to Oliver Medearis (5), one of the six sons of 

John Thomas Medearis (4),  (son Charles Carlos) and his wife,  

Rachel Davis.   The other sons were Abraham, John Thomas,  Rice,  

Massey Christmas and Charles.  

One of Oliver's son was Abraham (6), born 5/11/1787 in North Carolina. 

Abrham's siblings were John,  Sally,  Betsy,  

Tulitha,  Washington,  James,  Wilmuth and Regina.

  Abraham/s children were (7) Thomas Beecher,  10/25/1826,  William,  David,

John E. Mary Elizabeth,  Simeon Davis,  Wilmuth Redmon, and Jacob E.  

Thomas Beecher's children were  (8) Charles Marcellus,  1/23/1861,  Mary C.

11/22/1863 and Ruben Abraham 2/1/1868

Charles Marcellus married Abigail Rozella Norman.  They had one child, 

 (9) Donald Norman, born 6/26/01, my father.

He married Gladys Leville Sandford,  8/11/26.  They had three sons.  I am 

the oldest  (10) Donald Norman Jr.  (8/22/27)  Kenneth Charles (9/08/29)

and Robert Walter(5/18/32)  

I married Mary Ellen Marble (Cincinnati Ohio)  on 8/25/56.  Our children are

(11) Donald Harrison ( 4/18/58)  Ellen Sandford ( 5/16/60) John Norman (9/12/63) 

and Mary Jennifer Marble( 11/19/71) .   We have two grand-daughters.

Mr. William C. Madaris, Jr. of Albermarle,  NC.  also indicated in a letter

(1986) that this geneology is accurate.  That is, that Domingo Medeiros or

Maderras (1) was in King and Queen County about 1620.  His son was

Carlos Maderras (2), born between 1640 and 1650 in Essex County, VA.

He had a son,  Charles Medearis (3) ,  

born between 1670 and 1680 and married Mary Beamon.  

They had three children,  (4) John Thomas, (1704,  Charles (2/10, 1702)

and Mary (4/24/1707).  John Thomas,  son of Rice,  settled on 

Buffalo Creek in Guilford Co.,

NC and, as noted,  married Rachel Davis.   William C. Madaris,  JR.

is a descendant of Rice,  son of John Thomas and sibling of Oliver, Abraham,

John Thomas,  Massey Christmas and Charles,  as indicated in the first

paragraph of this letter.  

                                Donald N. Medearis, Jr.