FREE. Blackberry Golf Application. "uses Google Maps to get the GPS cords for the Front, Middle, and Back of the green... then save that information into an XML file and update the main course list xml file."


Berry Locator


OTA Link

$4.95.  Berry Locator helps you locate and recover your lost BlackBerry by simply sending an email. Even better, a map will be sent for GPS devices.


Neosistec Car Finder

OTA Link

FREE.  Uses GPS to help you find your car.  When you get out of your car, the program allows you to save this position and will guide you back to it later.


Find It


$4.99.  FindIt helps you find your lost BlackBerry! New features include: Custom Ring, GPS Email Back, Auto-Callback, and Stolen Alarm. Download the trial today!


Golf Traxx


Download for 8800 at: http://pdazip.com/golftraxx_blackberry.zip

GolfTraxx is a database which contains hole-by-hole information for over 21,500 courses across the globe, which can be downloaded to PDA devices via GPRS or WIFI access (voice-enabled.)


My Mileage Genie


$59.95 CAD. This is the FIRST Blackberry® application to truly automate mileage tracking and reporting in North America. The application uses autonomous GPS technology built right into the Blackberry® Smartphone. MyMileageGenie promises to simplify logging business travel (miles or kilometers) when using a personal vehicle, and eliminate having to fuss with old paper logs or spreadsheets




FREE.  Your mobile phone alerts you as you approach police speed traps.


GPS Report - 2006





FREE. "WHERE is the easiest and fastest way to get the GPS content you want on your phone. Download WHERE to get a library of FREE widgets that find the hottest events, the best prices, where to get a good sandwich or even your local weather report. Need to find it? Now you know WHERE."



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