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AAA Mobile

$9.99/month.  "AAA Mobile will transmit your GPS location data to AAA directly from your wireless phone. Get clear, audible turn-by-turn navigation with automatic rerouting. Search for and view detailed AAA TourBook® travel guide information, Show Your Card & Save® merchant listings, Approved Auto Repair® locations and AAA branch offices – all based on the GPS location of your wireless phone. Display a map of your current location, including pan and zoom capabilities. Save addresses, recent search results and AAA listings for quick access."


amAze GPS

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FREE. Wide coverage of detailed maps in Europe, North America, Australia, parts of Africa and Asia. Has detailed street map superimposed over a detailed satellite image. Voice Commands.


Be Prompt

FREE. Proxpro Prompt (beta) provides a real-time picture of your next journey before you’ve even set off. It calculates the optimum route and consults real-time traffic conditions, so traffic never catches you by surprise. Fused with the BlackBerry calendar and GPS Proxpro’s patent pending technology is ultra practical and easy to use. Available in the USA on the following BlackBerry devices: 8800, 8830, 8820, 8310 and 8130


Berryvine Companion

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$99.95/year  "View color maps of their current location, with full zoom and pan functionality. Look up nearby points of interest (POI's),  Calculate traveling routes with detailed step-by-step directions on how to get there and the possibility to view color maps of each step."


Blackberry Maps

Review by Stinsonddog

FREE. No POIs, no 3D navigation - just text for directions,

no voice commands. AT&T has blocked this application in

BB OS ver 4.2.


CoPilot LIVE

Maps are NOT stored on your Blackberry.  We were hoping this would be the first software that would offer true "on-board" capability.


Garmin Mobile 3.0

Review by kid doofus



GetMeThere Variant flag of the United Kingdom

£1/use. For UK only.


Google Maps

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FREE. Real-time traffic, Detailed directions, Integrated search results, Easily movable maps, Satellite imagery


InfoSpace Find It!

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FREE for basic version. Use Infospace Find It! to access the one stop local search when out on the town, traveling on business or planning day to day activities.



FREE. "Adds iPhone features plus GPS, Navigation, Location Instant Message, Sync capability and much more to your phone free of any charge to you."


Mapquest Navigator

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$49.99/year.  'In-Car GPS Navigation, In the Palm of Your Hand! Get the convenience and security of GPS navigation on your cell phone! MapQuest Navigator 5.0 turns your GPS-enabled wireless smartphone into a fully featured voice-guided navigation system with Real-Time Traffic and AOL City's Best ratings built right in"



$24.99 total.  What makes Navizon even more exciting is that a GPS device is not even required to benefit from these very useful features. By using wireless signals triangulation, Navizon’s Virtual-GPS is able to spot your location on a map thereby enabling a myriad of Location Based services on your phone.



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FREE. "You'll never lose your way again and you'll always know where you and your friends are located.You get access to over 1 billion addresses on MyWorld, including Yellow Pages, phonebooks, etc. While you're on the road you can easily save an interesting location by pressing one button. Or you can take a picture which will be instantly visible on a map on the Myworld website."


PTV NaviGuide

(Maps`n`directions 4 BlackBerry)



Review by Stinsonddog

$49.00 total.

Doesn't give turn by turn directions. Primarily for hiking.



Review by GPSmagazine

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Review by Stinsonddog

$9.99/month. Easy Menu Navigation, can use your BB address book as POIs. Voice messages include the name of the street.

"Turn left on Broad Street" Latest version has 3D and 2D moving map option.  This is very similar to what you see from TomTom.

New features added in v5.5 are as follows: Navigation: Nighttime Mode, Directory Search: Ratings & Reviews, Speak in Search, Maps: Saved Commute Maps, Other: Shared Address, Speak in Address, Commute Traffic Alerts, Weather.



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Downloads total route in a single download instead of constantly downloading during the trip. Nice Graphics. Menus not as easy as TeleNav.  Does not say the name of the street.

Telmap brands their software for Mapquest and

Boost Navigator.


Veripath Navigator

"A full-featured and affordable Voice and GPS-based Navigation application for mobile devices (mobile phones, PDAs, BlackberryTM, etc.). Now with Traffic Avoidance!"



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$99.00 total.

Recommended for travel in Europe.


Webraska Navigator


"Webraska Navigation is a GPS assisted road navigation software for mobile devices providing traffic optimized routing and speed camera alerts, 2D and 3D clear maps as well as GPS-triggered precise voice instructions ahead of turns."  You can purchase Day Passes if you are visiting a foreign city.



FREE. "WHERE is the easiest and fastest way to get the GPS content you want on your phone. Download WHERE to get a library of FREE widgets that find the hottest events, the best prices, where to get a good sandwich or even your local weather report. Need to find it? Now you know WHERE."


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