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The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site



FREE. "bbPlaces is a new revolutionary application designed for BlackBerry® devices with which you can geoposition places in the easiest way. As easy and shoot, classify and done! In just two steps you will create your own bbPlace."



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FREE.  Record your trips with your Blackberry GPS and review them in your PC with Google Earth!



$14.95 total.  With CacheBerry you can use your BlackBerry device to carry and view your Pocket Queries and GPX files.


e-Mobile GPS Tracker

$26.95 total. Track locations in real-time, capture favorite vacation routes, scenic spots with personalized notes, photos, replay in Google Earth and share with friends



FREE. Map GPS tracks from your mobile and keep them in a personal archive, pin your photos to a map with one-click geotagging feature, and hare your position and tracks with friends and family.



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FREE. Shows current GPS location at all times (when satellite available), Allows the addition of Cache’s which have a name, GPS location, a “Found” flag and allow notes to be added. As many of these as you want can be added. Allows the addition of WayPoints per Cache. Basically every Cache can have as many Way Points associated with it. Way Points, like Cache’s have a name, GPS location and notes.  Shows your current distance and bearing (with regards to North) from your current location to your selected Cache or Way Point at real time. Shows a visual, scaled view of your distance and Bearing from your current location to your Cache or Way Point. Allows you to enter coordinates as Dec.Dec or Deg.Dec like other GPS’ and GeoCache sites. (DegDec is entered as Deg.Dec.Dec, eg 56 degrees, 44.56 minutes would be 56.44.56)



FREE. Available for Sprint only.  Create your own personal maps, tag photos, share and collaborate on-line.


Mobile Tracker

$24.00 total. Records a tracklog. Elevation & time can be tracked. Configurable timespan between positions. Extensive statistical information. Has Photo Support.



FREE. Abaqus MyGeoDiary is a service which enables users to easily Record, Annotate, Organize and Share their personal geo-data on the Next Generation Web. The Next Generation Web, also referred to as the GeoSpatial Web, will closely integrate the 'physical world' with the 'online web' based on the easy availability of the underlying 'geographic' data. This aspect of the Next generation web has started to impact everything from consumer devices, network infrastructure to end-user applications. 



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FREE.  Keep a real-time journal of your life using audio, video, and photos, Let friends know where you're at and what you're doing, See where your friends are and what they’re up to, Send your jots and get friend updates via your mobile phone, Publish your jots to your other online accounts like Facebook, Blogger, and Twitter,Discover new people and places through the SpotJots community.



FREE. Allows you to use stored maps. You can enter long/lat coordinates and navigate to them. Works fine on BB Curve 8310.




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AllSport GPS for fitness training and performance tracking

Geocache Navigator for geocaching. Trimble Outdoors for outdoor trip planning, GPS navigation and trip journaling.



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